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Efficient management from shared values
After years of development, I ’m Flying has nurtured its unique spirit. We share the value of integrity, sincerity, and cooperation, and based on them we formed the culture of  I’m Flying.
Individual-based management
I’m Flying  implement people-oriented management. We value employees as our company’s greatest assets. For this reason we strive to create a pleasant and encouraging environment working environment to ensure the productivity and quality of our employees’ work. We care for our employees’ health, thoughts, and personal careers. Our goal is to build a platform on which everyone can show their talents.
Integrity is more important than ability
I’m Flying establishes itself in the industry as an upright and respectable company. We deeply understand the value of a trustful and honest working environment. For this reason we demand high standard from our employees. Any fraud, unfair competitions and illegal activities are strictly prohibited. Integrity, rather than their ability, is our first judging standard of an employee.
Sincerity based, value rooted
I’m Flying respects and is willing to serve all our clients, business partners as well as media and individuals that care about our company. We value their trust as the base of business survival. At the same time we think the best way to show our sincerity is to continuously create values. For this reason we promise our best efforts to ensure the quality of our products and services.
The next procedure is our clients
“The next procedure is our clients” is a concept deeply rooted in every I’m Flying man’s mind. Rather giving the whole task to QC, We check the quality of our products and services in every procedure of our work.. What’s behind this concept is our genuine care for clients. The zero complaint thus far from our foreign clients is proof of our sincerity.