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The introduction of the polystyrene microbeads pillow

We offer a series of high quality pillows, cushions & toys.  Its fashionable design, hip style, attractive color, and soft feeling are only a few reasons why people find it appealing.  This "micro-beads" or "powder-beads" pillows provide ultimate comfort!
The cover fabric is made of Nylon/Polyester and Lycra/Spandex.  Lycra/Spandex is a very soft and elastic material, normally being used in swimwear.  Its unique elastic characteristic allows the pillow to be stretched freely in all directions.
The filling inside the pillow is composed of high quality round polystyrene beads.  These beads range from 0.3mm to 0.5mm in diameter. Because of its small form factor, light weight and white color, it is commonly refer to as "powder" or "snow" beads.  When filled and packed inside the Lycra/Nylon or polyester cover, it provides a very comfortable and unique hand feeling.  It almost feels like as if you were touching and hugging a cloud of snowflakes!
The extreme small form-factor of our beads is very different from any other "bean" type pillows in the market.  Those beans are usually with diameter from 1mm to 3mm, around the size of a pea (cost is significantly cheaper but much poorer quality).  That is probably the reason we usually described those as bean bags instead of bead bags.
While many people have become quite accustomed to their favorite feather filled pillows, many others have been introduced to the wonderful benefits of microbead pillows. These pillows are filled with polystyrene microbeads, fancy version of plastic, and are usually encased by a synthetic nylon or spandex shell. By themselves, these little beads aren't very significant, but together they form a very healthy cumulative effect. That's because the individual beads come together under the pressure of your body to create vital support in a contoured fashion.
Plus, These pillows are excellent for people with allergies. Microbead pillows are hypoallergenic, meaning they can greatly decrease allergic reactions normally caused by traditional down or feather pillows.

 *Filled with millions of micro polystyrene beads
 *Moulds to your shape when you relax with it
 *Use it anywhere - Airplane, home, office, away or on the move
 *Supplied in assorted colors